Shipping Container Accommodation – A Short Guide

Using shipping containers as accommodation has become more popular around the world as it’s seen as an eco-friendly option as well as a way to avoid the hassles and expenses of regular accommodation. It is a unique way to live. But before you make a permanent decision, there are certain things that you will need to plan out.

Creating a Construction Plan

While the building plan won’t be the same as one for a house, take into the consideration how much of work needs to be done. There will be customizing and modifications to be made, so having a clear plan will make things easier. However, some containers even come with building kits or plans. The foundation needs to be secure even though it will take a shorter time to erect and build than regular housing would.

Hiring The Right Contractor

It is very important to find the right contractor who can easily understand what you need. Talk to other shipping container home owners and ask them for their recommendations or their advice too. When searching for shipping containers for sale Australia, do look up reputed contractors preferably those who are specialized in dealing with shipping container accommodation. There will be several areas that need attention such as the installation of doors, windows and utilities. A solid foundation needs to be set up along with insulation, roofing and flooring. You can even use different contractors for the interior and exterior. 

Install Proper Insulation and Inspections

While looking at shipping containers for sale, it is very important to know how the unit will be insulated. The corrugated metal that the containers are manufactured with can get extremely hot or cold depending on the temperature. The insulationrequirements can differ depending on where you live. For example, reflective paint would help deflect the heat and UV rays by reducing the amount of heat being absorbed. Certain types of foam will also reduce the moisture, heat or cold that would affect the container by providing great insulation. Before purchasing a container, schedule a professional inspection to check for any defects, structure issues or toxic substances to avoid any future issues that might arise and affect your accommodation. Visit http://multiboxx.com.au/multiboxx-locations/melbourne/ 

Be Aware of Building Restrictions

While you are not building a house, there are certain rules and restrictions that you will have follow, that might differ in some regions. So before making any plans or purchases, keep yourself informed on the current laws. Any type of accommodation or building will also have environmental and hazard regulations so talk to the appropriate authorities.